ProtoXtype THE NAME

Means always work in progress and a fall of ideas coated on different items.
X means always open to the intangible. May be a new journey, a new adventure experience or just a new way to fit the garments not only around our body, but also our sensibility.

WHY WE DO ProtoXtype

We need to do something very unique which changes the approach of wear using the items around our body and our life.


-We must know our planet
-We must love our planet
-We must respect and protect our planet

Then we’ll be more balanced with the planet and ourselves. To be balanced with ourselves we need comfort, sense of beauty and simplicity. To be balanced with the planet we need to utilize materials that do not generate pollution and give a natural touch without dangerous chemical contamination.

All things that generate pollution and waste of materials must be avoided!

That’s why we have to study carefully each item, fabric and accessory. All items are simple and distinctive-having performance, light in weight and special shapes to fit to our body that give real free movements in each part (special paper patterns on all items for moving in relax arms, legs…etc.) Differently assembled items that can be used individually pending on the environment such as warm weather, raining season, cold weather…etc. or used together. We like to project a set where 10 items allows people to travel from equatorial planet zone to north circle near the arctic zone.

Concept 2012:

Target: Traveler that is very sensitive to be very independent, light and value the real items, independent from the trends. We designed sets of trolley (which becomes eventually back pack) with detachable business bags for all travelers. Including in the bags are all items from underwear to pants, shirts, sweatshirts and jackets. Also included are convenient bag to store all kind of personal items such as shaving tools for men and beauty essentials for women.

Using eco friendly materials with long life construction. Items must be essential, simple and very readable into the market.


-Planet saving (eco-textile, organic materials)
-Eliminate all unnecessary items such as poly bag, hang tag…etc.
-Focus on performance, natural materials and/or hi-tech but must be eco-friendly
-All labels must be bonded inside including the size and size specification, washing and care instructions and description of the items
-Each item has own bag to store with outside description of the item, coding and size
-Each item must have to report clearly the way into the communicating online, virtual catalogue and windows shop


-Traveler who travels on train, boats and airplanes need to be travelling light
-Metal: Aluminum-inox steel
-Plastic: Plexiglas or polycarbonate- factories must be non-polluting ones
-Wood: No endangered species of trees, bamboo and recycled wood
-Paper: Recycled paper which after use can be converted to useful items, such as furniture waste box and hangers

Welcome to visit us!
1223 Government St. Victoria.BC